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Wholesale Monkey Shoulder

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Wholesale Monkey Shoulder – Monkey Shoulder Whiskey.

monkey shoulder scotch, is a brand of Scotch whisky produced by William Grant & Sons in Scotland. Monkey Shoulder is a blended malt whisky, one of a small number of whiskies in this style. As of 2023, Monkey Shoulder is the world’s third best-selling brand of Scotch whisky, trailing Johnnie Walker and The Macallan.

Monkey Shoulder, was introduced in 2003 as a brand of blended malt whisky (formerly called “vatted malt whisky”) primarily for mixing, occupying a middle ground between blended Scotch (which can contain grain whisky) and single malt whisky (which cannot).

Monkey Shoulder Scotch Whiskey, Originally a blend from the Balvenie, Glenfiddich, and Kininvie distilleries, its current composition is not publicly known, although its constituent malt whiskies originate from the Speyside region.

Wholesale Monkey Shoulder – Monkey Shoulder Scotch Whiskey Price

Monkey Shoulder, The name refers to a repetitive strain injury that distillery workers once commonly were afflicted with after long shifts of turning malt by hand.

Monkey Shoulder is an expression dedicated to shovel workers who have an important place in whiskey production. It takes its name from the disease called *Monkey Shoulder, which emerged as a result of working with these whiskey workers for many years.

Wholesale Monkey Shoulder, is a premium Scotch Whisky that is steeped in history and culture and to this day is still tended by hand by the experienced Malt Men of Speyside. A smooth and rich ‘triple’ malt Scotch (a world first!) that has been blended from three of Speyside’s finest single malts and using batches from only 27 casks to produce this fine malt whisky. A delightful nose of sherry, cinnamon baked pear, butterscotch, barley, strawberry and Bourbon vanilla which are all complemented by tangy.


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